Schools issued with coronavirus teaching package

SINGAPORE: During character and citizenship education class at Farrer Park Primary School on Friday (Feb 7), teachers asked students to rate how scared they felt about the novel coronavirus outbreak on a scale of one to ten. About half the class put up all 10 fingers, but a few students put up just one, two or three fingers.

When asked why they were scared of the virus, these students gave reasons including the rising numbers in Singapore, and how easily the virus seems to spread. Many students also knew the name and nature of the virus, where it originated, and the number of confirmed cases here.

Teachers took them through a situation on the spread of fake news about the coronavirus, asking them what they would do if they received a message from their friends about a confirmed case at a certain shopping mall near their home. After a short group discussion, one student piped up: “But you don’t even know whether it’s real.”

When discussing a situation about xenophobic comments towards classmates from China, students were quick to point out that they might not even have travel history to China.

“Isn’t that bullying?” another student added.


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